The .WINE is the place where all those who need to meet on the web in the vicinity of the word « wine »: professionals, firms, experts, authors, amateurs, consumers, exports, teachers, journalists...
  • Wine exporters on Internet and those who need to address the whole world; 
  • Teachers and students in a field that even has a dedicated MBA in Bordeaux and who need to communicate with other universities worldwide; 
  • Consumers who need to find certain articles and compare them with others, before buying them; 
  • Wine growers who need to introduce prospective buyers with their products; 
  • Internet online websites which need to present their different offers; 
  • Authors and web enthusiasts who are going to express their views in their blogs; 
  • Programmers who are going to develop applications for the wine industry (classification, sales ...); 
  • Sales websites and on line services which are going to ease the exchanges and sales operations to sell wine; 
  • Manufacturing firms: specialized winemakers and by products of the wine industry; 
  • ... 
  1. Results in search engines: 
    1. 175 000 000 for "wine"; 
    2. 78 200 000 for "vin"; 
    3. 41 900 000 for "vino"; 
    4. 15 600 000 for "wine blog"; 
  2. About 120 domain names that include the keyword "wine" are registered every day in the major extensions; 
  3. A very rich wine vocabulary in all languages, which allow a huge array of opportunities for large numbers of simple and well chosen domain names; 
  4. Thousands of « appellations » worldwide : IGs, AOPs, IGPs... 
  5. About 500 Appellations d'Origine...for France only; 
  6. Numerous brands of wine that will be able to have a dedicated website with a name that will identify them immediately.